Pearl Boutique Bakery

Our vision is to bring to you something that can cater to your exact needs. To make cakes that are made to perfection (beautiful to look at and mouth-watering) something that you will remember as a special memory. We also cater to people who have dietary restrictions and want to eat something that will actually satisfy their taste buds. Creating new interesting things and customer satisfaction is our main aim.

Chef Sheena

After getting 96% in my ISC exams and doing B Com Honors from Sri Ram College of Commerce, I decided to change my focus to baking. I realized I wasn't built to do a desk job and chose to go to New York to follow my dream and do what I felt like I was meant to do. I realized I loved decorating cakes and understanding the science behind baking cakes and creating desserts.

Inventing recipes and introducing never before seen desserts in India is what I enjoy.

Studied Culinary and Baking from Culinary Institute of America, New York.

Studied Nutrition from Culinary Institute of America, New York. Studied Baking and Cake Design from International Culinary Center, New York. Worked under the cake legend Ron Ben Israel on Cake Designing. Graduated and got my degree at Carnegie Hall, New York.